Sunday, 30 March 2014

Not here very often

I'm keeping this blog site in case I want to post longer pieces, but that is happening less and less these days. If I post anything online, it tends to be on Facebook; I was a Twitter regular for about a year, but I found the 140 character limit to be too restricting for posts with any kind of nuance. Twitter is fine for wisecracks and name calling, but in the end it seems a bit shallow. So blog posts take too much time and effort, Twitter is too trivial, leaving Facebook as the Goldilocks solution. That's a bit sad.

My acting manager job is taking up a huge amount of my working day; it was supposed to be a "holding the fort" situation, but that's a hollow joke. When I finally get back to my regular job, and get off the treadmill of endless meetings that are my work life at present, maybe I'll have some more time and energy. At present the keyboard looks like a ball and chain.

We were due to fly to Auckland on Tuesday for a few days exploring around Northland, then the Rolling Stones concert on Saturday 5th - of course, that's all off until October, if the rumours can be believed. It does mean that I have plenty of annual leave accumulated, so when skiing starts we'll be ready to use our $299 senior-citizen season passes for Mt Hutt. We're not planning to go far over Easter, but we may do some day trips to get out into the countryside for a day or two.

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