Friday, 3 April 2015

Big day out

Sailing at Lyttelton was a bit hairy this afternoon, with 20 knot squalls on top of a rolling swell and a solid surface chop - it was like sailing in a washing machine at times.

We made it to shelter in Purau Bay, to reef the main then catch up with our mate Chris Hutching - he was rigging up while we watched, then we sailed down to the inner harbour, and on to Church Bay. We picked up a mooring and rafted up for a beer and a chat. At 5pm we motored back across to the club ramp, while Chris battled back upwind to Purau. We hope he made it!

Watching Chris hoist sails.
Leaving the Inner Harbour for Church Bay
Henry Salad arrives in the shelter of Church Bay.
I'm tired and happy now, it was an exciting day out!

Some footnotes:
Chris's yacht is a 19ft Robert Tucker Caprice, designed in the mid 1950s. Twin keel yachts are very popular in the UK, because so much sailing is done in tidal estuaries. When the tide goes out, the boat sits level, then you can put the kettle on and do a bit of bird watching. How very British.

The complete set of photos is on my Flickr site.

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