Friday, 31 July 2015

Boat sold

I'm happy and sad to report that Impulsive was purchased by a young couple who've decided to take up sailing. As long as they don't scare themselves silly in the initial days, it's a boat that will suit novices well for quite a while, as their skills grow. I didn't get the price I was hoping for, but in my experience you never do...

Summer cruising in Impulsive
What's next? We'll start tidying up Omega, a 25ft extended Noelex 22, and sailing it next summer. The finer points of ownership are still being sorted, but we'll have plenty of time for those details. Omega has room for two or three to sleep quite comfortably, so we can start exploring further around Banks Peninsula - maybe even the Abel Tasman.

Omega is a much roomier boat

Omega hasn't been sailed much recently

Thursday, 16 July 2015

A week off

A Bastille Day (Tues 14th)  drama: one minute I was riding in a cycle lane on Innes Rd by Mairehau HS, the next minute I was returning to consciousness on the pavement, being helped by some motorists who'd kindly stopped after I hit an icy patch and crashed on my right side. An ambulance arrived, checked me out, and said I should get myself to A and E for a thorough check. Heather arrived to collect me and the bike, and off we went.

My helmet is cracked from the force, trousers and jacket are well scuffed, and I've cracked a rib. The concussion has faded as the day's gone on, thankfully, but the rib is pretty tender. I'll be at home for the rest of the week while it starts healing. 

Apparently I was one of many having ice related crashes on Tuesday. There were three from our area of the Library and Grant Bush from IT has stitches in his forehead. Let's be careful out there!

UPDATE: several days of rest and careful use of analgesics and I'm ready for work tomorrow. No biking for a couple of weeks, though, until the rib heals up. And by then we'll be sailing in the Whitsundays, no bikes required. Good timing!