Thursday, 24 September 2015

Catching up on photos

I posted some sailing photos a few weeks ago, then completely forgot about the photos I took in our 4 days in Brisbane city. I've made an album on Google Photos, now I'm trying to add captions to the pictures. In the meantime, try this link.

Big city, big buildings
After lots of searching, I'm admitting defeat. I can't find any way to add captions to the photos in the Brisbane album. In fact, I'm totally confused, after trying to work out how Picasa, Google Plus, Google Drive, and Google Photos relate to each other.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Approaching the end

My retirement is now official - I've filled out the forms and set the date. My last day at UC will be Friday 18 December, then I'm a free agent. I'll miss the company, and the University is a very interesting place to work, but it's time to  to revise the position description and to bring someone new into the team.

My role has changed a lot over recent years, and I'm doing a lot less support for lecturers and more project work. We don't need "expertise with Windows NT" in the description either; in fact we don't deal directly with the Moodle servers any more, so that technical area is much less important.

What's next? A January holiday in Napier, house sitting for friends, then a few months of domesticity leading to a major adventure in France and Italy during April. We'll have five days in Paris, a week cycling around the vineyards of Burgundy based in Beaune, then two weeks being tourists in Italy. There'll be lots more news as the time gets closer.
Hospice de Beaune
I hope there will be some part time work to help our finances, and I have lots of projects to keep me busy. And I'll be the chief cook and bottle-washer, of course.