Thursday, 17 September 2015

Approaching the end

My retirement is now official - I've filled out the forms and set the date. My last day at UC will be Friday 18 December, then I'm a free agent. I'll miss the company, and the University is a very interesting place to work, but it's time to  to revise the position description and to bring someone new into the team.

My role has changed a lot over recent years, and I'm doing a lot less support for lecturers and more project work. We don't need "expertise with Windows NT" in the description either; in fact we don't deal directly with the Moodle servers any more, so that technical area is much less important.

What's next? A January holiday in Napier, house sitting for friends, then a few months of domesticity leading to a major adventure in France and Italy during April. We'll have five days in Paris, a week cycling around the vineyards of Burgundy based in Beaune, then two weeks being tourists in Italy. There'll be lots more news as the time gets closer.
Hospice de Beaune
I hope there will be some part time work to help our finances, and I have lots of projects to keep me busy. And I'll be the chief cook and bottle-washer, of course.

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