Monday, 21 December 2015

Day 1

As I'm now an ex Educational Technology Consultant, what did I do with my first morning of non-work?
  1. Slept in until 7.45am.
  2. Had breakfast, read the paper, second coffee.
  3. Heather went out so I vacuumed the house.
  4. Replaced two smoke detector batteries.
  5. Swept out the garage which had inhaled leaves on a recent NW day.
  6. Vacuumed my car - front seat wells only.
It'll be lunch time soon...

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

On the way out

It's been a long time coming, as David Crosby sang. It's Wednesday afternoon, and by Friday lunchtime I'll be an ex-employee, an Educational Technology Consultant Emeritus, a Dowager Dude. We've just had a lunch as a group, with people saying all sorts of nice things - I'm going to miss the company and the coffee breaks as much as the job.

I won't miss the endless threat of restructuring that seems to hover in the background; this year our Web Team and the rest of the Communications Dept have gone. Rather than make existing teams perform better, many senior managers seem to think that restructuring, and more importantly, renaming things, is the same as progress.

The drain on staff morale and productivity that happens when everyone is looking over their shoulders to see who's next for the chop, can't be good for any organisation. I know the hard-line management gurus have theories about the constant fear making people perform their best, but all it does is make them compliant and scared to take risks. If you point a loaded gun at someone and ask them to sing, you don't get beautiful music - you get a frightened squawk.

Anyway, that's enough grumpiness for now. A high point of the week was our 40th wedding anniversary, which we celebrated with a fantastic dinner at Chillingworth Road last night. We were joined by Alice, Heather's sisters Elaine and Pam, with her husband Barry, and long-time friends Nicky and Merv Sarson; Nicky was Matron of Honour at our wedding all those years ago. (She said she was too old to be a bridesmaid, at the ripe old age of 27 or whatever.)

Next is a morning tea, and speeches - and I'm off!