Saturday, 5 March 2016

Still here

Just to confirm that this blog is still alive, though not exactly active, here's an update.

Heather is back at work at Shirley Boys High - for how long we don't know at this point. I'm at home doing odd jobs, errands, and daily housekeeping.

I've been to Alexandra to meet a real estate agent about putting our Omakau section on the market; details aren't certain yet, but it will be a bargain. I've also done some preliminary dog-proofing around gates and fences, and made a drop-down barrier for the single bedroom's door so Vida can have a dog proof space.

We're now counting down to a 30 March departure for France, Switzerland, and Italy, then home via Hong Kong, back on 5 May. Nearly all bookings are sorted but we need to book for the Eiffel Tower, Uffizi, Colosseum, etc. I hope April in Europe isn't too cold - at least Sorrento should be warm. We'll need boots and sandals, fleece tops and swimsuits - a bit of a packing challenge!

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