Thursday, 22 September 2016

Make my day

I went to the local vege shop, and saw this old Mark III Zephyr outside. It's a bit rusty, but it goes. The passenger was a real old-school bogan, about 60 with a bottle of beer between his legs, black beanie, rollie smoke in hand - it's his girlfriend's car, it's been laid up for 17 years, it's going to be restored. Then the girlfriend appeared, and she was as non-bogan as they come - and about 20 years younger than him. So I dunno...

Anyway, it made my day seeing the old Zephyr, it reminded me of Friday nights in Dee St Invercargill in the 60s - all the boys with Zephyrs and Valiants and PA Vauxhalls lined up outside the Post Office, then rumbling off to do a circuit of the main streets.

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