Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wait! It's breathing...

I should update this blog more often, so I've made a sort of resolution: I'll try to post a daily photo or two with a brief note about something semi-relevant. Hopefully I won't descend to "What I had for lunch", but there are no guarantees.

More seriously, brief blog posts allow more freedom than Twitter, and possibly more than Facebook. (Though I'll do a Facebook link/post each time, as hardly anyone drops by this site nowadays.) Anyway, here are a few phone pics taken on recent dog walking expeditions.

In Fleete St, Dallington. The power and phone lines will probably go once someone comes up with a plan for the Red Zone.
Dallington is a lovely park-like area, with the best trees preserved.
Chestnuts (I think) on the fringes of Bottle Lake Forest Park.
Blossom at Bottle Lake.

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